The Best Budget European Airlines

  1. Blue Air: Blue Air’s main hubs are out of Bucharest in Romania with a secondary Hub in Turin, Italy. They now have over 70 destinations and carried over 3.6 million passengers in 2016. Blue Air ranks number 1 on my list because of its leg room, seat comfort and on top of that in flight meal. This is the only budget airline I have ever flown were I got an in flight meal, need I say anymore? The come in with 30 inches on leg room which isn’t bad compared to 28 inches with Iberia and others.
  2. Norwegian Air: ¬†Norwegian air flies to over 130 destinations and has a fleet size of over 105 planes. They are good about being on time and I have never had a problem with a delay. They allow bigger luggage size, than most of the other airlines and don’t hassle you about having to check a bag.Norwegian is the third largest budget airline in Europe. It has larger leg room than most airlines and some of them have the computer screens in the back of the seats which is always nice, not too mention the free wifi you get on board. The wifi can be a little spotty, but hey , it’s better than nothing.
  3. Ryanair: Now Ryanair gets a lot of flack, but personally I have never had a problem with them as a company besides a couple hard landings. You have to know what you are getting yourself into with Ryanair, remember you probably only paid 50 bucks for you ticket anyway so it’s a little hard to be critical at such low prices. They can be sticklers about if you bag is too big for carry on, so be careful and tried to hid it a little if you are boarding but besides that they aren’t bad. I haven’t had many problems with delays or them being late, besides them trying to sell you things the entire flight its not a bad way to go especially since they fly to over 190 destinations.

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4. Easy Jet: I have had more hassle with bag sizes for carry on with Easy Jet than I have with Ryanair. I have also ran into Easy Jet flights getting delayed for a couple of hours multiple times, which is something that is never fun to deal with. They can start hitting you with excess weight fees for you bag that adds another 12 bucks, changing flights less than 60 days before departure will cost you 40 bucks as well as the cost difference, they will hit you with 40 bucks for checking a bad and 50 if it happens at the boarding gate. So, if you think you made it past the first check be careful because they may just want to charge you more once you get to the gate.

5. Vueling: Vueling flies to over 160 destinations, but I have had countless troubles dealing with this airline. From gate changes to late arrivals and delays taking off I have had no luck and been greeted with even worse customer service. They charge 35 euros for the first checked bag and are very strict on the size of your carry on. I think their flights are a little more expensive on average compared to the other budget airlines as well, and you are packed in like sardines with little leg room. You have to be careful of them overbooking flights as well and then not having enough room when it comes flight time, this has never happened to me, but I have heard horror stories about it.

Just do your research when it comes to booking with a budget airline and know what tricks they try and pull to get you to pay more. Again, these are budget airlines so don’t go in expecting the best service in the world, just smile that they got you to your destination no matter the hassle you may of had to go through before getting there.

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