My Best Of in Budapest

Budapest is one of my favorite European cities; in this blog post I will go over some of the neat things you can do in the city. The city of Budapest has a population of roughly 1.8 million people and sits on both sides of the Danube River. Along the Danube sits the Parliament building which is the third largest Parliament building in the world. I recommend making sure you stop by to see the Parliament building both by day and by night when it illuminates the city with it’s bright yellow lights.

Budapest is also know for it’s famous bath houses which are a must see if you are planning on visiting the city. Budapest sits on more thermal hot springs then any other capital in the world. Over 70 million liters of water rises to the surface every day, which makes for some nice relaxation time in these gorgeous bath houses. Make sure you book your bath a couple days in advance, because they can get busy. If you are looking to party it may be worth your while to check out a Sparty. A Sparty is a party in particular bath houses during the summer season where you can drink, listen to a DJ and hang out with friends.
A couple more worth while sites to see while you are in Budapest is the Synagogue, which is
the second largest in the world behind the one in New York City. The subway in Budapest is also the oldest subway in Continental Europe. And let me tell you, it definitely feels like its the oldest subway in Continental Europe. Make sure you travel over a couple of the eight different bridges that connect Buda to Pest. The oldest of these bridges is Chain bridge which was first opened to the public in 1849.

Budapest is a great place to travel if you are looking for a good starting place in Central or Eastern Europe. Hungary is relatively cheap and is a good place to travel if you are on a budget. Make sure you visit a couple of the many ruin bars throughout the city of Budapest. If you only have time to visit one, make sure you visit Szimpla Kert, which I have nominated as my favorite bar I have ever been to. Ruin bars have been around for over 15 years now with Szimpla Kert being the first. The bars are built in old or abandoned buildings leftover from bombings in WWII. From the outside these buildings look like normal houses, but once you get into the insides you will find an assortment of different things to look at, play with, and enjoy.

I love Budapest for it’s rich history and many different activities you get to see and experience traveling through the city. By looking at the different architecture around the city you can see many different styles and phases the city has endured over the years. One final note,  make sure you fill up with some nice hearty bowls of goulash when you are in Budapest.


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