Montenegro, a Jewel in the Balkans

I had yet to make it to the Balkans in my European travels, so I planned to change that before I set sail for South East Asia. One of my roommates had a very close friend who I would later travel with from Bosnia. I was able to gain insight about what to expect when visiting the region. Montenegro quickly became one of my favorite countries in the Balkans, largely impart because of the hostel I was able to stay at, Hostel 4U in Kotor. 

The hostel manager Boban, was one of the best hostel manager and owner I have come across. The hostel held all you can eat BBQ’s with many different assortments of meat and side dishes. There was a supermarket located near by so everyone was able to chip in or buy extra beer and alcohol. The city of Kotor is not a very large city, but the Hostel put together a bar crawl none the less to take you around to the best local bars.

Another reason the hostel was so great, was the fresh AC units installed in the dorms, which comes in big time in the months on July. The hostel is located right in the harbor of Kotor with the beach front right outside the front door with a nice beach roped off for the hostel guests. The hostel is great for traveling on a budget, with room prices around $10 USD a night. The hostel staff was more than accommodating and made sure every guest felt at home.

As for things to do in Kotor, you were able to rent Kayaks and adventure in the Bay of Kotor as well as hike up the “ladder of Kotor” named for the many switchbacks on the trail. The hike leads you up the side of the mountain giving you the best view of the Bay of Kotor. Make sure that you bring water, I made that mistake and was getting a little dizzy hiking up the hill in the summer heat. Visiting the different bars in the city and trying to local food as well as local raikia is always a great way to spend an afternoon.

For me Kotor was a nice change of pace from the busy cities were you were able to put your feet up and enjoy the natural beauty around you. If you are  looking to travel on a budget then it is worth visiting the Balkan countries where it is a little bit cheaper. The food and company can’t be beat and you are surrounded by some incredible landscapes. I highly recommend making it over to the Balkans and trying the many different flavors of Rakia, you won’t regret it.

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