Inexpensive Language Learning Tips

You don’t need Rosetta Stone and a couple hundred bucks to start learning a new language. In fact, I believe that learning a new language has never been cheaper. If you are looking to improve or start completely fresh there are lots of opportunities for you to learn a new language relevantly cheap. The most important thing when learning a new language is practice, and that can be done for free if you know where to look. In this blog I’m going to go over some of the best ways for learning a language on a budget.

Starting online is great jumping off point for those interested in learning another language. Apps like Duolingo and Memrise are good tools to start getting your feet wet. These apps can be frustrating at times and can be a little particular they are a great place to learn more vocabulary and start working on your grammar as well. For listening check out TuneIn Radio or News in Slow Spanish, there are a lot of great radio stations for you to utilize and help your comprehension. If you have cable, turning on the television and putting on subtitles is another great way to help with comprehension.

Check your city for intercambio bars or language exchange sites. These sites are a huge help when taking the next step in learning another language. What is an intercambio bar? Intercambio bars are normal bars that one, two, or even three nights a week will host events for people who are trying to learn another language. When I was working on learning Spanish I would go and speak in Spanish and people there would speak English back to me. Then we would switch and I would speak English and listen to them speak to me in Spanish. This is invaluable time getting to put what you have learned into real world situations. My insider tip for Intercambio bars is to have a drink or two and watch your new language improve. Remember to keep it at just a drink or two, you don’t want to forget what you learned the next day.

Buying language learning books are usually fairly cheap, but again if you go that wrote you have to use them. It’s tough to make yourself sit down and study another language’s grammar for an hour a day. My recommendation is to buy children’s books, when you come across a word you don’t know look it up and write it down. Work to use that in a conversation at an Intercambio night and now you are growing your vocabulary. I also recommend shower conversations, this is where for the duration of your shower you only speak in the language you want to learn. Have a conversation with yourself going back and fourth and it will help with your fluidity and comprehension.

Living in a country of the language you are trying to learn is the biggest help if possible. To completely submerged yourself in that language is the best thing you can to do quickly conquer a new language. While that may seem expensive check out my other blog on cheap options for living and working in other country. ¬†Finally, don’t get frustrated when trying to learn another language, it’s a difficult process for most and every day that you practice you are making progress to your end goal. Now go out and take advantage of all the free resources and learn that language you have always wanted to.

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