Communication Abroad, Best Budget Options

Communicating abroad has never been easier thanks to the recent boom in technology you can easier reach friends and family back home for very cheap. You have a couple of options when looking to find the best ways to communicate with those traveling with you or those who are back home. I’m going to discuss some of the easiest options and the pros and cons of each option when it comes to being able to communicate while traveling. I have tried many of the options discussed below and will give my feedback on each option.

Wifi is everywhere in Europe so if you are going to be traveling abroad you might not need to even get a data plan. I have gone this route before because if you get a plan in one country and travel to another, the premium will go up when you are using data in that country, counting as almost double. It’s a pay a you go card so you aren’t in worry of going over a limit, however that limit will be reached much sooner traveling around to different countries. So if you are planning on spending most of your time in one country buy your prepaid plan in that country because it will last you longer.

When you travel abroad its important to make sure you phon e is in airplane mode, you don’t want your company back home to charge you for being used internationally. Like I said before, wifi is everywhere in Europe so when you are at your hostel or a restaurant that’s a good time to check in with those you need to for free. The emergence of Whatsapp, Skype, and Facetime has made in much easier to communicate over wifi. Almost everyone uses Whatsapp in Europe rather than direct SMS texting like in the United States. This is a must download if you are looking to travel abroad.

Getting a “burner” phone is another option if you want to carry around another phone with the prepaid sim card from Vodaphone, Orange or Jazztel these are the major European communication companies. I personally would recommend Orange to those looking to getting a prepaid sim card. Another option, as long as your phone is jail-broken is to swap out your sim card with the prepaid card for your time abroad, that way you can use your normal phone while being held to a set data limit. If you are going to be traveling for a couple months then I would recommend getting a pre-paid sim card.

However, if you are only going to be traveling for a week or two I don’t believe it’s as necessary. You can download maps while you have wifi and still navigate whichever city you are in just fine. In the end it comes down to preference, if you want to have immediate contact with those back home get the pre paid. If you think you can be find going wifi to wifi that works too. My advice is to give it a couple of days to see how you do just using the wifi and if it becomes an issue then go buy a pre-paid card. I survived in South East Asia for 6 weeks with just wifi and it worked out fine. Regardless go download Whatsapp and TripAdvisor maps before you begin your journey.

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