Travel Lodging on a Budget

When trying to find a place to stay when traveling if done right can save you a lot of money. There are a lot of cool unique ways to get a great experience while traveling and also staying on budget. The first and most famous way to travel on a budget and find cheap lodging is hostels. I'll admit early on that I have a strong bias for hostels, they are by far my favorite means of lodging when traveling. The best website to go to for all of your hostel needs is Hostelworld.

Hostelworld is the equivalent of Yelp for finding hostels to stay at. Each hostel is reviewed and rated by the users who have stayed there. You can sort by price, rating, location, and many other features to find the best spot for you to stay while traveling on a budget. In Cambodia you can find Hostels to stay at for as little as $1 a night. That being said you get what you pay for when it comes to hostels, don't be expecting the Ritz. I have stayed for Hostels in Europe for as little as $5 a night in the low season (Winter). However I will say this about hostels, most of the time its worth it to pay a little extra because many hostels will include free walking tours, a welcome drink, or other nice amenities that you will not get if you stay somewhere cheaper. You need to weight the options of what you want when picking out a hostel, if you want a free breakfast it might be worth it to pay a couple bucks more.

Another option for the more adventurous travelers is Couchsurfing.  Couchsurfing is a community where you do just that, sleep on someone's couch. This website again is set up much like Yelp where both the host and "couchsurfer" are rated. It can be a little difficult to be excepted on this platform, especially if you are a male. However, work hard to get referrals and add friends on here, join groups and get your profile out there an it will help. While it may seem a little scary, just be careful and read the reviews other people have left, make sure to read the profile of the host, this is very important. One of the coolest things about Couchsurfing is that it is free! No better way to help you travel on a budget then having free places to stay.

I have both helped friends host visitors and stayed at different host's houses. I never felt in danger and would urge everyone to try it at least once. It's a great way to get to experience the culture of the city you are staying in. Can't beat staying with a local, I have made friends that I still talk to and it all started with me staying on their couch. Make sure to keep an open mind and give it a try. If  you think it might be something you are interested in make sure to add me on my Couchsurfing profile.

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